Why Sealing Your Asphalt Will Save You Money in the Long Run

sealing your asphalt

Covering your asphalt is the same as giving it a shield that protects against hot and cold temperatures that might lead to the formation of cracks and potholes. It is an example of predictive maintenance, a strategy that helps add life to pavements. Thus, it prevents frequent expensive repairs and replacements. Therefore, this activity will improve its visual properties and increase its market value. Not only do you prevent possible future repairs, but you also add value to your property by applying the seal coats regularly. First, sealing may be seen as more expensive than the others, but it is a good investment in the long run if you consider its benefits and savings.

What are the primary reasons for asphalt deterioration?

Though numerous environmental factors are causing asphalt decay, environmental factors certainly are the main issue. This process is carried out by the sun, UV rays, precipitation, and harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, eventually leading to the road surface’s gradual destruction. Furthermore, oil and gasoline spills and heavy vehicles rolling over it negatively affect the asphalt. Besides, asphalt oxidation can also be physical, making it brittle and prone to cracking. Knowing how these factors affect the life span of asphalt surfaces is the first step to developing an effective maintenance plan that will increase the longevity of the asphalt surfaces.

asphalt deterioration

How does sealing protect the asphalt?

Asphalt sealing forms a protective layer that exterminates the direct sunlight and moisture effects and prevents any chemical damage, thus increasing the pavement’s lifespan and reducing long-term maintenance costs. This is achieved by passing an asphalt layer over the waterproofing membrane, preventing water penetration and the erosion of the lower layers. As a result, the asphalt is resistant to water, and the risk of potholes caused by water damage is also reduced. The sealant acts as a guard or a shield that prevents the asphalt from getting damaged by UV radiation that causes oxidation and reduces the flexibility of asphalt. The asphalt’s ability to flex allows it to sustain the weight and pressure of the vehicles.

What are the cost benefits of sealing your asphalt?

Sealing your asphalt yields economic benefits; hence, it is the wise choice for a long-term plan. This way, you are stopping the asphalt from being damaged by UV rays, water, and chemicals by creating a protective barrier, which will prolong the lifespan of asphalt and reduce the cost of maintenance. The measure taken aims to preserve a strong structure of the asphalt to minimize cracks and potholes, which also lessens the need for significant repairs or early replacement. Consequently, the initial price of sealing asphalt pavement is more than made up for by the incredible long-term maintenance and replacement savings.

What is the impact of regular sealing on maintenance costs?

The routine sealing of asphalt pavements impacts maintenance costs, leading to savings in the long run. Maintaining a barrier of sealant keeps harmful UV rays, water, and chemicals away from the asphalt and thus prolongs the life of your pavement and reduces the expenses on maintenance. This method provides a more robust structure for the asphalt and enables the avoidance of cracks and potholes and, consequently, the high costs of repairs or early road replacement. The initial investment in sealing your asphalt is a worthy bet compared to the huge savings you will get in the long term by cutting down on the cost of maintenance and replacement.

How does sealing contribute to improved aesthetics and property value?

Sealing the asphalt not only shields the surface from the destructive action of UV rays, water, and chemicals but also enhances aesthetics and the property’s value, which is achieved by improving the property’s look. The sealant will be laid on the surface, guaranteeing an even and smooth look; therefore, your driveway or parking lot will be gorgeous. It can be a good tactic for increasing the value of your property and giving you more potential buyers or guests. Not only that but the quality and durability of the sealed asphalt surfaces make it the best solution for increasing the value of your home, which will pay off eventually. Therefore, it is worth it.

sealing contribute


In short, sealing is the most effective and cheapest way to save a remarkable amount of money in the following years. Sealing your asphalt will prevent it from damaging effects on the environment and will, therefore, reduce the corrective maintenance cost. It will also lengthen the asphalt life span and make your property more appealing and valuable. In this regard, asphalt sealing provides various advantages; it is the right choice that will be profitable for you in the future in terms of money.